Providence Elementary

Providence Elementary

<bt>Providence Elementary celebrated Oct. 31 with Storybook Character Day. Students, staff and parents dressed up as their favorite storybook character and paraded around the school. To authenticate the event, participants were required to have their storybook in hand all day long, in the event that someone asked them about their costume. In addition to the parade, students in all grade levels gave book talks and shared favorite excerpts from their books.

Katie Ruland's kindergartners celebrated Storybook Character Day with style. Students dressed up like their favorite storybook characters and gave book talks. They reviewed the life cycle of the pumpkin and felt the pumpkin's "guts" as they used descriptive language to express how it felt.

To add math to the equation, students estimated, measured, and compared the circumference of different pumpkins. With a focus on the five senses, Ruland had students smelling the pumpkin lid, feeling the "guts" and watching as the pumpkin was finally carved. Kindergartners went home feeling good about the pumpkin experts they are.