Council Discusses Speed Humps

Council Discusses Speed Humps

Two questions regarding speed-hump installation

Although nothing on the agenda at last Monday's Town

Council meeting dealt with traffic-calming measures,

the issue still managed to come up several times

during the opening portion of the meeting.

In both instances, people inquired about the installation of speed humps.

Council member Edythe Kelleher asked the Council when

the speed humps on Moore Avenue, SE and SW, would be installed.

She had received questions from residents about it.

Dennis King, Vienna's director of public works,

replied that they might be installed this week,

depending on the weather. Because the modified speed

humps are considerably larger than the typical speed

hump, they require a machine that Vienna doesn't own.

The ones on Moore and Patrick will be done by

machine, King said.

In addition to the humps on Moore Avenue, a resident of Walnut Lane, NW, asked the Council to reconsider the two speed humps that will be installed on that street. Although Tom

Holmes was the only Walnut Lane resident who spoke at

Monday's meeting, he said that the petition brought

before the Council was for a restricted right-turn,

not for speed humps.

"NOT MUCH DISCUSSION was really made that speed was a problem," Holmes said.

Vienna mayor Jane Seeman replied that when the Council

passed the resolution to allow two speed humps, the

Walnut Lane residents who were present didn't object.

"The thrust of the petition was, we need help on that

street," Seeman said. "To me, the issue was the

safety of Walnut Lane."

When Holmes asked the Council to reconsider its

decision, he called the two speed humps a public

improvement. Because Walnut Lane is in the historic

district, any public improvement is subject to a

public hearing, according to the town's code.

Town attorney Steve Briglia said the code was unclear

but that his interpretation was that the code would

apply to matters that would require a permit.

"I understand his argument. There's not a lot of

guidance in this code," Briglia said.

But before going forward with any reconsideration,

Council members questioned how residents still felt

about the issue. No one could come up with an answer.

"I wondered at this point where the majority stood

on it," said Council member Maud Robinson.

THE COUNCIL ALSO DISCUSSED the following items:

Council member Robinson said that she would attend the Nottoway Park planning workshop held Tuesday, to see if the county would be interested in establishing a skateboard park within the park.

Council member Laurie Cole congratulated Madison High School on its state baseball championship. The town has given them a banner in honor of the recognition.

The Council approved a final plat and waiver from on-site storm-water management requirement for the

re-subdivision of property located at 610 Park St. S.E. (new addresses to be 200 and 202 Talahi Road). There was some concern from Council members of the

view of the buildings from Park Street, but the presenter assured the Council that the final landscape and building would be attractive.

The Council approved the adoption of a proposed ordinance to amend the town code regarding the obstruction of justice by threats or force of the code of the Town of Vienna.

The Council approved the ordinance to amend the town code regarding visitor parking permits. The ordinance would allow town residents one short-term

visitor pass and one long-term pass. The adoption of this ordinance will occur at the Council meeting on Jan. 6, 2003.

The Council approved the ordinance on amending the town code that determines the location of sewers, storm drains and utilities for subdivision. The ordinance brings the issue to the Planning Commission, who will then make suggestions to the Council on the