Undefeated Panthers

The Potomac Panthers, FC, a U-11 MSI Classic Team, were undefeated during the Fall 2002 regular season and playoffs. The Potomac-based team, coached by Dr. Kevin Crutchfield who grew up playing MSI soccer, finished 8-0. Team members come from Carderock Springs, Potomac, Mater Dei and Wayside elementary schools. Players include: coach Kevin Crutchfield, Jacob Eskin, Spencer Williams, David Finder, Omar Said, Nicholas Andersen, Matthew Barnes, Jayson Richards, Noah Sees, Pablo Gottret, Alexander Baten-Tschan, Bryan Crutchfield, Michael Farrah, Philip Yang, Donald Hawk, Aban Wallerich and Marty Schwartz. Andrew Crutchfield, the coach's younger son, is sitting in the center. He plays on a MSI first grade recreational team that is also coached by Kevin Crutchfield.