Drug Problem Costly for Woman

Drug Problem Costly for Woman

Kimberly Jackson Charged With Prescription Fraud in Three Counties

A Centreville woman addicted to painkillers has now been sentenced for prescription fraud in three counties. Her latest punishment was handed down last week in Loudoun County.

The woman is Kimberly Jackson, 33, of 14647 Seasons Drive, and last Tuesday, Nov. 12, in Loudoun County Circuit Court, she received a suspended jail sentence, but was fined more than $1,000.

She first caught Fairfax County's attention, Feb. 22, after police received a complaint about someone trying to obtain a controlled substance by fraud at a CVS Pharmacy in Falls Church. It turned out to be Jackson, who'd picked up and paid for Lortab (Hydrocodone) there under a false name. But she was stopped and arrested as she tried to leave the store.

The pharmacy's records also showed that, eight other times in January and February, Jackson had obtained Hydrocodone using yet another person's name. A Feb. 27 police search of her townhouse off Stone Road and Route 29 yielded numerous bottles of pills and a doctor's prescription pad.

On June 12 in Fairfax County Circuit Court before Judge Terrence Ney, she pleaded guilty to two counts of obtaining drugs by fraud. But by the time she returned Sept. 27 for sentencing, she'd acquired a third count for a newly committed offense.

Her attorney, Andrew Kersey, explained that Jackson had suffered a knee injury, a few years ago, and got addicted to pain medicine. When her doctor cut her off, she was hooked. "She obviously knows she desperately needs treatment," said Kersey.

Ney gave her a five-year, suspended prison sentence. A week earlier, on Sept. 20, Arlington Judge Paul Sheridan had sentenced Jackson to three years, suspending all but 60 days, for a March 1 prescription fraud, and Ney made that time count toward his sentence.

He also placed Jackson on two years supervised probation, provided she immediately enrolled in a residential drug-treatment program. Jackson returned to court again, last Tuesday, Nov. 12, but this time it was in Loudoun County, where she'd been charged with two prescription-fraud offenses committed in March and May.

Actually, police there had also charged her with a third count of prescription fraud, but it had been dismissed earlier. For her remaining counts, Judge Thomas Horne gave Jackson a two-year, suspended prison sentence and placed her on supervised probation for two years. He also ordered her to pay a total of $1,276 in court costs and fines.