Antiques Show and Preview Party Packs 'em In

Antiques Show and Preview Party Packs 'em In

Alexandria does many things well and one of them is entertaining. And when it comes to entertaining, place the Historic Alexandria Foundation and its annual antiques show near the top of the list.

If the Preview Party is any measure, this year’s extravaganza, held Nov. 21, was an enormous success. Proceeds from this party benefited historic preservation projects in the city.

More than 200 people packed the ballroom and dealer booths for an evening of food and drink, music and socializing. They strolled through the booths of 45 dealers from 14 states and England — sipping and nibbling and touching and feeling.

The show itself ran throughout the weekend. Other highlights included a Young Collectors’ Evening on Saturday featuring a tour of the show and a party in an Old Town home.

But it was the Preview Party last Thursday that set the tone for one of Alexandria’s most fun evenings.

Among those spotted at the party (and this is only a partial list):

Leslie and John Ariail, Morgan Delaney, Stewart Dunn, the Greg Mays, Osborne Mackie, Sen. John Warner, Jeanne Vandermyde, Donnie Wintermute, Lucinda and William Seale, Mary and Eddie Heiden, Jane and Jim Sleeva, Mary Sterling, the Donald Kellys, Murney and Arthur Keleher, Pat Butler, Sandy and Bob Calhoun, John Hynan.

Also, Mrs. Charles Hooff, Oscar Ryder, Sam and Molly Ellsworth, Ann Richards, Robert Montague, the Greg Ludlows, Gail Rothrock and Charles Trozzo, Mary Kay and Dick Ryan, Anne Paul and Bob Reed, Howard Smith, the Peter Toepffers, Mary Frances Varner, Mark McFadden, Charlie Ablard, Ellen and Derry Bancroft, Rowe and Fritz Kroesen, the Taylor Burkes, Jean Federico, Oscar Fitzgerald, Andrea and Tom Dimond, Bob Floyd, Vance Hall, Jean Oseth, Bruce Schafer.

Others attending included The Temple Moores, Janet von Sternberg, Babs Beckwith, Gregg Powell and Barbara Rosen, Peggy Abshire, Mary and Ed Bartlett, Don Carpenter, Sarah King and Lyles Carr, Ed and Jeanette Chavarrie, Tom Hulfish, Ruth Lincoln Kaye, the Howard Kelseys, Brian Lang, Sharon MacDonald, Sally and Russell Murray, Gary Squire, Lynda and Patrick Sweet.