Lake Braddock Secondary

Lake Braddock Secondary

<bt>Every year on a Thursday in November, people across the United States pause to share a meal with family and friends, watch a special night of pro football, and, most of all, count their blessings. Many people also take time to help those who are less fortunate enjoy the same type of celebration. This was the case for all the students at Lake Braddock Secondary School who during a week leading up to the holiday took part in a canned food drive.

As the excitement was building for the approaching four-and- a-half-day weekend, students took part in an activity supporting the true meaning of Thanksgiving. From Monday, Nov. 11 to Monday, Nov. 18, the students participated in the can drive sponsored by the student government. Everyone was encouraged to bring in as many cans and other nonperishable food items into his/her fifth-period class.

The SGA’s goal was to collect 8,000 cans. In the end, approximately 6,000 cans were collected. However, this marked a huge increase from last year’s donation total of about 4,000 cans. This increase was in part attributed to a greater amount of publicity which included: large posters and banners in hallways, a sign in every fifth-period classroom, and daily announcements. Also, this year’s drive was directed by the entire SGA, not just a committee.

The cans were donated to the Salvation Army. On the day after the drive ended, a truck was sent to the school to collect all of the cans. However, another truck had to be sent since the students had donated so many cans.

Mark Craver’s fifth-period English class succeeded in collecting the most cans in the entire school.