Proffered Field Developed By MYS Comes Into Play

Proffered Field Developed By MYS Comes Into Play

A new soccer field in McLean, acquired through a proffer from the Holladay Corporation in Washington and developed by McLean Youth Soccer, opened for play under a brilliant sun and blue sky on Oct. 6. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Kate Hanley and Linda Lammersen, parks liaison for Dranesville Supervisor Stuart Mendelsohn, kicked the first ball as Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS) team players for the McLean Spirit and McLean MPS Team Harkes, waited to play.

“Every dollar that built the field is a private dollar,” said MYS Chairman Ted Kinghorn. “I know that is music to Kate’s ears.”

“This man has lobbying down,” Hanley quipped.

“Thank you for all the oranges, and all the support for your children,” Hanley told the parents grouped on the sidelines.

“MYI is responsible for building the field, and will maintain it 12 months a year,” Kinghorn said.

“We appreciate everyone’s support. We need more field in the community. we particularly are focused on [acquiring] two more fields at Spring Hill Rec.”