<b>Group to Lead Review

Of Clarendon Area Plans</b>

At their meeting Saturday, County Board members approved the creation of a Clarendon Sector Plan Task Force to lead a community review of transportation and development plans for the Clarendon area.

The Task Force’s goal is to maximize community involvement in the review by providing a forum in which citizens, civic associations and businesses can offer comments and input.

The review will focus particularly on transportation and pedestrian concerns, said Chris Zimmerman, County Board chair.

The Task Force structure approved today calls for 17 members led by two co-chairs. The County Board appointed Monica Craven, former Planning Commission member, and Jeff Miller, a current member of the Transportation Commission, as co-chairs.

The scope of the Task Force’s duties are to coordinate efforts and issues, provide input from Task Force members throughout the review process and assist in developing recommendations for consideration by the Planning and Transportation Commissions and the County Board.

Task Force members will be named and will begin meeting this fall. A final report is anticipated in approximately one year, although the time line is subject to change.

<b>Slower Speeds on Wilson</b>

From now on, drivers on Wilson Boulevard will have to drive a little bit slower.

At their Oct. 19 board meeting, the Arlington County Board authorized a decrease in the speed limit from 35 to 30 m.p.h. on Wilson west of North Jefferson Street to the Fairfax County Line. The new lower speed limit will go into effect as soon as new signs are posted.

That stretch of Wilson is home to several parks, many businesses and Ashlawn Elementary School, said Board Chair Chris Zimmerman, so the new speed limit makes sense to make the Bluemont area a more pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

In addition, Board members asked County Manager Ron Carlee to consider reengineering the roadway on Wilson, possibly to include restructured sidewalks, speed-sensitive stoplights and other traffic-calming devices.

The current speed limit reduction was requested by the Bluemont Civic Association, and follows a study conducted by the Department of Public Works, evaluating prevailing vehicle speeds, physical features, accident data and traffic characteristics. The results of the study supported the 5 mph reduction in the speed limit.

Eight new speed limit signs will be installed along the affected portion of Wilson Boulevard at a cost of $520.

<b>School Activities Update</b>

Arlington County Schools have either moved outdoor activities indoors or cancelled them through Thursday, Oct. 24. The move includes outdoor activities both during and after school and weekend outdoor activities. Normally scheduled indoor activities will be held as scheduled.

Outdoor sporting events are cancelled through Thursday, but school sports directors are considering how to proceed for games scheduled for this weekend. Some practices are being held inside.

Evening Field trips in the metropolitan Washington area also will be cancelled until further notice. Field trips outside of the metropolitan area will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Classroom visits to the APS Planetarium, at the administration building, resumed on Monday, Oct. 21, and elementary swimming classes resume today. When possible, some activities will be rescheduled.

Heightened police presence around all school buildings and limited access to schools will continue.