Almanac Endorsements: Elrich, Ewing, Renzi, Silverman

Almanac Endorsements: Elrich, Ewing, Renzi, Silverman

County Council At Large

While some people support a hybrid Purple Line, we support a hybrid slate for County Council.

Key to our endorsement was strong support for the Potomac Master Plan, a thoughtful approach to the multiple problems facing the county including transportation and opposition to a new Potomac River crossing in Montgomery County or a related study.

We support incumbents Blair Ewing and Steve Silverman, along with Takoma Park Councilmember Marc Elrich and Potomac attorney Vince Renzi.

WE NEED BLAIR EWING on County Council. Ewing is not afraid of controversy. He will speak up for the underdog, perhaps to a fault. He understands complexities of all issues in the county including budget constraints, education, mental health, the stress of increasing poverty in parts of the county as well as transportation issues. His vision, understanding and experience are needed on County Council.

WHILE STEVE SILVERMAN is a part of Doug Duncan’s “End Gridlock” slate, he has demonstrated an intelligent approach to the challenges in the county.

Every member of the “End Gridlock” slate acknowledged in individual interviews that even full implementation of their plans will not make the traffic debacle any better, only “less worse.” Each member also acknowledged that the state and federal funding necessary for GoMontgomery will not be forthcoming in the near term future.

Silverman has been a relentless and effective advocate for tangible improvements in Montgomery County Public Schools. Silverman is a vocal opponent of the techway. He was not a natural advocate of preserving the two-lane road policy in Potomac, but he listened and studied the issue, concluding correctly that widening Potomac’s roads would not help traffic regionally, only ruin Potomac’s semi-rural heritage and attract cut-through traffic.

MARC ELRICH is a Montgomery County native and a teacher in the county public schools. He is intelligent, abrasive and full of innovative ideas. He supports limiting growth and advocates a transit and smart growth approach to solving traffic problems.

VINCE RENZI is a Potomac attorney and former president of West Montgomery County Citizens Association. He understands the underpinnings of the Potomac Master Plan, the importance of the environment, and will be a strong voice for community on County Council. An advocate of slowing growth, he also understands the need to address transportation issues.

WE FOUND it impossible to support or respect any candidate with a monolithic view of issues in the county.

Traffic congestion is not the only problem in the county and building roads can not be the only solution to traffic. Growth and development likewise are not the only villains in the county, and halting growth completely today will also not solve traffic and school overcrowding on its own.

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