Datatel Building Crumbles under the Wrecking Ball

Datatel Building Crumbles under the Wrecking Ball

And the walls came tumbling down.

On Sept. 6, the city began demolishing the Datatel building on Mount Vernon Avenue, a building that had been vacant for a decade and one that many considered an eyesore.

"This is just another step in redeveloping the Arlandria neighborhood," said Mayor Kerry J. Donley. "The task force met for nearly a year, and redeveloping this property is a component of their recommendations."

The city conducted asbestos abatement before beginning the demolition. By Saturday, Sept. 14, the wrecking ball will have finished its work, and the building will be no more.

Currently, the city plans to use the site for parking in the neighborhood, which is in short supply. Eventually, in conjunction with the Safeway site, the entire area will be redeveloped to include commercial, retail, office, residential and green space. City Council will hold a ceremony on Sept. 14, to commemorate the demolition and the redevelopment of the area.