Two Republicans Seek Nomination as Supervisor

What: Dranesville District Republican Committee party canvass.


Candidates Joan DuBois, Bob McConahy.

When: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, May 10.

Where: McLean Government Center, 1437 Balls Hill Road, McLean.

Format: No presentation by candidates. Individuals visit the polling place within the six-hour window, vote and leave.

Who votes: Any Virginia registered voter.

Joan DuBois, McLean

Occupation and age:

Associate, Travesky & Associates, Ltd.

Age, 61.

Why I am running:

I have lived in Dranesville District for more than 30 years. I am passionate about and proud of my community, and I love working with people and dealing with the many and varied issues that confront all of us every day. I have represented the citizens of the District as a member of the Planning Commission for the past three years, and have many years of experience working on community and County issues, concerns and projects. I have the experience, knowledge, time, energy, and commitment to represent the interests and the issues that are important to all Dranesville District residents.

Top three issues:

1. Taxes and budget. Reduce the tax burden on homeowners and control County spending.

2. Environment. Encourage conservation and protection measures.

3. Quality of life. Work with citizens on matters of particular interest to them and their neighborhoods, whether that be to address transportation issues, land use impacts, and safety concerns or to answer questions and provide information about the various county programs and services.

What I propose to do as supervisor:

Support a review of County programs, services and priorities, and work to reduce spending levels. Continue to strengthen environmental measures to protect stream valleys and open space. Strengthen tree preservation measures. Improve coordination of transportation priorities and support transit to Tysons Corner and in the Dulles Corridor. Pledge to encourage citizen involvement.

My view on the proposal for a five percent limit:

In reality, almost 90 percent of the county’s non-real estate tax revenues are capped, limited or controlled by the state, leaving approximately 10 percent at the discretion of the county. In any given year, because the state controls so much of our funding, the five percent ceiling may be too restrictive, but over the course of a four-year period it may be a realistic goal. I commit that I will vote for a County budget that does not increase the total residential real estate tax revenues each year more than five percent, or the rate of growth of population plus inflation, whichever is greater. I will support a County legislative program that seeks to increase alternative sources of revenue other than the residential real estate tax.

My view on the county’s FY ‘04 budget:

The Board of Supervisors reduced Pay for Performance funding. I believe this is a program that should be thoroughly reviewed prior to the next budget cycle. I have a problem with the process, whereby when possible budget reductions are proposed, offsetting fees are often recommended (such as fees for athletic field use) that do not really address the efforts of reducing the burden on individuals and homeowners. I do not support the reduction in the hours of operation and services at Riverbend Park.

My major strength/weakness:

My combination of experience in both the private sector and local government help to balance my views about what government can and should do.

Weakness: Need to improve my golf game.

Why you should vote for me:

I am the only candidate with the breadth of knowledge and experience to be able to hit the ground running as soon as I take office. I promise the time and the energy to work full time with the citizens of the Dranesville District to represent their interests and address their concerns.

Bob McConahy, Great Falls

Occupation and age:

Parish administrator, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Herndon; age, 70.

Why I am running:

I believe we average taxpayers are not getting our money’s worth out of every tax dollar spent by the county. I am convinced that the Board of Supervisors must change its course which has brought us this out-of-control spending on programs of marginal value to the majority of taxpayers. Unless we adopt more conservative principles of management, the situation cannot improve.

Top three issues:

1. Out-of-control spending and overtaxation;

2. Security and sanctity of our neighborhoods;

3. Preservation of essential services.

What I propose to do as supervisor:

I will challenge the Board to bring sanity to the budget process by calling for an independent auditor to review the county’s spending plans, and its organization and staffing. I will insist that we establish an inspector general to examine all aspects of the organization for waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement.

My view on the proposal for a 5-percent limit:

I have signed a Real-Estate Property Tax Limitation Pledge that I will not vote for any measure that would increase total real-estate property tax revenues in Fairfax County each year more than five percent, or the rate of growth of population plus inflation, whichever is higher. In my view, we must employ a highly visible, prioritized spending plan where the spending level will be responsive to the available revenue. I believe that the authority of the Board to tax should end where the rights of the taxpayers begin.

My view on the county’s FY ‘04 budget:

The 2,400 pages which comprise both the general and school budgets, prefaced by a 300-page overview, show that county per-capita taxes and spending are increasing twice as fast as inflation. It is now time for a reasoned discussion of county programs and not for the threats of arbitrary budget cuts we are hearing from some quarters.

My major strength/weakness:

Candidacy for Dranesville District supervisor is my first run for political office, but, like Winston Churchill, I believe all of my prior life and professional experience have prepared me for this position. My analytical and organizational skills, which have been developed over the years, are well-suited and timely for the task at hand.

My weakness is that I have difficulty coping with a business-as-usual approach to problem-solving.

Why you should vote for me:

You can vote to place me in office with the full assurance that I am not responsible to, nor have I been supported by, any special-interest groups, real-estate developers or their agents, or corporate interests or developers. Neither have I been associated with any boards, commissions, councils, task forces, authorities or other groups conducting business with or for the county. My campaign has accepted funding only from grass-roots contributors; I can therefore represent the interests of the citizens of Fairfax County’s Dranesville Magisterial District without compromise or reservation and will do so.