What's New at Area High Schools

What's New at Area High Schools

<sh>Broad Run High

<bt>Address: 21670 Ashburn Road, Ashburn

Phone: 703-771-6620

Principal: Dr. Edgar T. Markley

PTA President: Kathy Roche

Enrollment: 1,460

Back to School Night: Sept. 8

Broad Run is under renovation this year and will bring new facilities on line as the school calendar progresses. Two new art rooms will be added in October and the new gymnasium should be ready by January. New classrooms and computer labs have been added so that students can more easily use technology in their lessons. These new labs will host a freshman program called Delta which is aimed at helping students succeed. Broad Run is also piloting a new wireless computer lab. Another addition this year is the Flex scheduling in which two days a week students will have an 8 period day. This means that instead of a study hall, students will return to two of their earlier classes so that they can make up tests, homework and remedial work.

<sh>Dominion High

<bt>Address: 21326 Augusta Drive, Sterling

Phone: 703-444-8025

Principal: W. John Brewer

PTA President: Walter Andrews

Enrollment: 1250

Back to School Night: Sept. 29

As one of three schools built in the last four years in Loudoun County, Dominion High took three years to build. It opens its doors this year without a senior class. Its students, a mixture of those brought from Potomac Falls and Park View high schools, will fight as the Dominion Titans on the athletic fields. A year of teachers classes preceded the opening this summer, and principal John Brewer and his guidance director, Kevin Terry, went door-to-door to meet the community. The school has created a schedule for students so that when they go to study school, called "Titan Time," their teachers in the core subject matters will all be available to help.

<sh>Park View High

<bt>Address: 4400 W. Laurel Ave., Sterling

Phone: 703-444-7500

Principal: Anne L. Brooks

PTA President: Karyn Heiser

Enrollment: 1,338

Back to School Night: Sept. 15

This year's theme is "Opening Doors to the Future." Park View High opens the new school year with major renovation work completed. Students were welcomed by a new library; new classrooms on the second floor; newly renovated girls' and boys' locker rooms; a weight room with a new mural depicting school athletics; a reading lab; a new foyer displaying the school seal; new lighting in the auditorium, improving study conditions; windows in the cafeteria; a new mural in the stairwell, thanks to the 2003 graduating seniors; a drainage system for the practice fields; and new computers throughout the school. Two advanced placement courses were added to the curriculum: music theory and calculus BC. Three new courses were also added: programming applications, early childhood development and photography. Because of the adjustments made due to the opening of Dominion High, Park View has had to downsize some of its staffing, but added teacher assistants to its special education program.

<sh>Potomac Falls High

<bt>Address: 46400 Algonkian Parkway, Potomac Falls

Phone: 703-444-7542

Principal: E. Wayne Griffith

PTA President: Tom Kuhn

Enrollment: 1,389

Back to School Night: Sept. 22

Potomac Falls is adjusting to fewer students this year (200 less) since the opening of Dominion High.

<sh>Stone Bridge High

<bt>Address: 43100 Hay Road, Ashburn

Phone: 703-779-8900

Principal: James E. Person

PTA President: Dale Bellovich

Enrollment: 1,563

Back to School Night: Sept. 15 (grades 10-12) Sept. 22 (grade 9)

Stone Bridge High has surpassed enrollment projections this year by about 100 students. A surge of transfers over the summer and enrollment continuing after the first day back have increased the numbers. This year marks the first graduation of seniors who have attended a full four years at the school. Teachers will be concentrating on preparing students to do well on their SOLs. New this year is a teacher cadet program which introduces students to the teaching professions. The school has also added a symbolic stone bridge to the front of the grounds with donated help from their partnership with Metroplex and Luck Stone. "Expecting excellence; achieving success," is the school slogan. According to principal Person, "It's been a real hug fest coming back this year. I see a lot of energy and enthusiasm."