Vienna Determines Legislative Agenda

Vienna Determines Legislative Agenda

During the Monday, Dec. 1, meeting, the Vienna Town Council discussed what legislative issues it wanted its General Assembly representatives to work on while in Richmond.

According to Vienna mayor Jane Seeman, the issues include restricting the parking of watercraft, boat trailers, motor homes and camping trailers, so that the restrictions match county standards; amending Subsection C of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, so that the Attorney General's Office represents a locality if any legal action is brought against it due to its adoption or implementation of criteria; changing the road maintenance formula from lane mileage to amount of volume; continuing the photo red-light program, which will sunset in 2005; preserving the Business and Professional Tax; and supporting Herndon on its proposed consumer utility tax on mobile services.

"We try to be ahead of the game," explained Seeman on the legislative agenda the Council had put before incoming Del. Steve Shannon (D-35th) and incoming Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites (R-34th).