Limited Edition Rifle Representing City's History Evokes Mixed Feelings

Limited Edition Rifle Representing City's History Evokes Mixed Feelings

All I want for Christmas is my Limited Edition Ruger. Specifically, a City of Alexandria Limited Edition Ruger.

Santa better hurry, though, because as of Dec. 15, there were only three left. Investment Arms Inc. of Fort. Collins, Colo, advertised only 51 were made and ready for distribution. Up to Dec. 15, at least 48 Alexandria residents are now proud owners of this Christmas gift.

The full page color ad flyer in the Dec. 11 edition of the Alexandria Gazette urged customers to “celebrate and honor the City of Alexandria by purchasing our special edition custom Ruger 10/22. It serves as a proud symbol of Alexandria’s history and heritage. Each fully functional firearm is laser engraved, individually numbered and a stunning heirloom for your family…Great for Christmas.”

Some may not agree about this historical symbolism.

“This is certainly not something that anyone in city government had any knowledge of,” said Barbara Gordon, the city’s public information officer. “This is bizarre.”

Christina Richardson of Alexandria attempted to purchase one of the remaining Rugers.

“I was curious so I called the toll free number on the ad,” Richardson said. “Tiffany, who answered the phone at Investment Arms, told me that there were two plus the proof remaining, and that I could purchase one for $662 with my credit card. She explained to me that my Ruger would be shipped, in time for Christmas, to M & M Gunsmiths on Union Street [in Alexandria], where I could pick it up.”

Alexandria’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, S. Randolph Sengel, said that this was probably perfectly legal. “As long as the gun is shipped to a licensed dealer who then makes the individual jump through all of the legal hoops, it’s probably just fine,” he said.

M & M WAS ON vacation until Dec. 19, so Richardson was unable to learn just what would happen to her $662 if she didn’t make it through those hoops.

“Tiffany told me that Investment Arms has made these limited edition Rugers for 30 other cities around the country,” Richardson said. “I was very disappointed that Portland, Ore., was not one of those cities because I had considered getting one for my Dad. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go back to fruit.”