Pupils Relive Colonial Days

Pupils Relive Colonial Days

Providence Elementary

<bt>On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the fourth grade students at Providence Elementary School participated in Colonial Days. Colonial Days is an activity where students act and dress as though they lived during the Colonial time period. Students and teachers do this for a full school day.

Betty Jackson of Miss Betty’s Trunk, volunteers to lead Colonial Days every year. She brings activities for students who participate in Colonial Days. She helps students imagine that they are living in Colonial Williamsburg.

The fourth grade students participated in activities that included writing with quill pens, carding wool, printing stamps and playing with toys that are authentic to that time period. The students also learned to grind corn and coffee. They made corn husk dolls, candles and wallpaper. Jackson explained that these were activities people did during colonial times.

Some students gave their opinions about what their favorite activities were. A few students said that they liked making the wallpaper best. Some said that they enjoyed grinding corn. Others liked making the corn husk dolls.

The fourth grade students at Providence were fortunate to have Jackson come to their school. The students look forward to this fun day every year. Everyone has a great time learning about Colonial times.