Public School Programs

Public School Programs


The Fairfax County Public School system offers a variety of programs. More information about each program is available on the school system Web site at

ADULT AND COMMUNITY EDUCATION offers learning and volunteer opportunities year-round. Some courses include adult basic education and high school completion, family literacy, technologic apprenticeships, English for speakers of other languages and career development. For more information, call 703-227-2200.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT diploma is a pilot program at Fairfax County high schools. The AP diploma requires students to complete a broad academic program that includes five or more examinations with exam grades of three or higher in certain courses. AP courses are not open to all students and end-of-course exams are required for enrolled students. The AP diploma is offered at Centreville, Chantilly, Fairfax, Falls Church, Hayfield, Herndon, Lake Braddock, Langley, Madison, McLean, Oakton Westfield, West Potomac, West Springfield and Woodson. AP courses are recognized for college credit by many universities. For more information, call 703-208-7706.

ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOLS are for students who require a nontraditional setting to receive their high school diploma. The alternative high schools are Bryant Alternative High School in Alexandria, Landmark Career Academy in Alexandria, Mountain View School in Centreville and Pimmit Hills in Falls Church. The schools offer open enrollment, classes from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., summer evening classes and scheduling that allows students to complete a year-long course in a semester. For more information, call the schools directly: Bryant, 703-660-2000; Landmark, 703-658-6451; Mountain View, 703-227-2344 an Pimmit Hills, 703-506-2344.

ALTERNATIVE LEARNING CENTERS (ALC), are designed to provide continued educational opportunities in core classes for students in grades six through 10 who have been involved in serious disciplinary incidents. The curriculum, textbooks, and materials follow the Programs of Studies. Courses and learning objectives meet expectations as defined by the Virginia Standards of Learning. All required testing, e.g., SOLs, administered in base schools will be administered at the ALC, while credits earned at the ALC will be transferred to the student’s cumulative transcript. Consideration for re-entry into a base school will be contingent on each student’s successful completion of all Fairfax County School Board and ALC program requirements.

AVID, Advancement via Individual Determination, is a program that meets the educational needs of underachieving middle- and high-school students by teaching them academic strategies to help them in their learning. The goal is to prepare the students to meet college entrance exams. Participation in a foreign language is required. Students will also undergo screening prior to admittance to the program. For more information, call 703-846-8677 or 703-846-8654.

COLLEGE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM involves an educational partnership between the school system and colleges and universities, businesses, parents and community organizations. It provides activities to help selected students develop the skills required for college entrance. For the eligibility criteria and additional information, call 703-208-6506.

EARLY IDENTIFICATION PROGRAM at George Mason University is a multi-year college prep program for middle and high school students. The goal is to identify and assist students who have academic potential but are not working to their abilities. Admission to GMU is guaranteed to those who successfully complete the EIP and an academic program at a county high school. For more information, call 703-204-4045.

ENGLISH FOR SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES (ESOL) classes are provided in several school settings for students in grades one through 12. Students are served through school-based programs or in center programs. For additional information, call 703-846-8632.

FAMILY AND EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION (Head Start) involves parents, volunteers and community professionals working with FCPS staff to provide comprehensive services to meet children's educational, health, nutritional, social and emotional needs. Services are provided to children from birth to 3 years old, as well as expectant mothers. For eligibility requirements or more information, call 703-846-8720.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE PARTIAL-IMMERSION PROGRAM offers partial immersion in French, Spanish, Japanese and German at selected elementary and middle schools. Students acquire the foreign language while mastering content curriculum. Applicants for rising first graders are available in all elementary schools in January. For more information, call 703-208-7724.

GIFTED AND TALENTED programs are available for students in kindergarten though 12th grade. School-based programs for identified students are located at each school. Full-time center programs for the highly academically gifted are located at selected elementary and middle schools. For further information about the elementary- or middle-school programs, call 703-846-8670; for information about the high-school programs, call 703-208-7706 or your child's school.

HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIES can be found at five locations with each offering advanced technical and specialized electives courses. For more information, contact the academy administrators at the following sites:

* Chantilly High School Academy for Engineering and Scientific Technology and Health and Human Services, 703-222-7460.

* Edison High School Academy for International Studies and Business and Engineering and Scientific Technology, 703-924-8100.

* Fairfax High School Academy for Communication Arts, 703-219-2226.

* Marshall High School Academy for International Studies and Business and Engineering and Scientific Technology, 703-714-5582.

* West Potomac High School Academy for Communication Arts and Health and Human Services, 703-718-2750.

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM is a rigorous academic curriculum for 11th and 12th graders. To earn the IB diploma, students pass external exams in six subjects, participate in community service activities and complete a 4,000-word extended essay. IB certificates are also available in specific subjects. The IB schools are Annandale, Edison, Lee, Marshall, Mount Vernon, Robinson, South Lakes and Stuart. For more information, call 703-208-7706.

MAGNET SCHOOLS provide specialized programs of studies for students who qualify. The county has three magnet schools.

* Bailey's Elementary School for the Arts an Sciences integrate the arts and technology with instruction for a creative learning experience.

An information night for prospective applicants is held each February at the school, 6111 Knollwood Drive in Falls Church, Applicants must be in grades kindergarten through fourth and be working on or above grade level in language arts and math. The application deadline is in early March for the following school year. For more information, call, 703-575-6836.

* Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences blends fine arts, science and technology throughout its curriculum.

An information night for prospective applicants is held each year in February at the school, 2401 Colts Neck Road in Reston. Applicants must be on or above grade level in language arts and math, and eligible applicants are selected by computerized lottery. For more information, call 703-262-7400.

* Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology provides a college prep program emphasizing science, math and technology. As a Governor's School for Science and Technology in Northern Virginia, Jefferson accepts students not only from Fairfax County, but other schools divisions as well, making admission to the school a competitive process. Typically, students enter as ninth graders although there are replacement selections for vacancies at the 10th-grade level. The deadline for applying for entrance into ninth grade is in the late fall and applications for 10th-grade replacements in late spring. For more information, call 703-750-8335.

ONLINE CAMPUS is a Web-based course delivery program that delivers courses identical in content to those offered in traditional classrooms and uses multimedia to teach students. These courses are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning and follow the Fairfax County Public Schools Program of Studies. Course enrollment is handled through individual schools. For more information, visit the Web site,

PROJECT EXCEL SCHOOLS are designed to boost student achievement through full-day kindergarten and increased time for instruction. More than 20 elementary schools are Project Excel schools.

QUEST is a three-year science, math, language arts and technology enrichment program for high-achieving minority students in grades sixth through eighth.

SCHOOL-AGE CHILD CARE (SACC) is available before school, after kindergarten and after school in certain elementary schools. For more information, call the Fairfax County Office of Children, 703-449-8989.

SUCCESS BY 8 is designed to ensure every child will be able to read and do math on grade level by 8 years old. The program is located in more than 17 elementary schools. Early childhood practices such as flexible grouping and differentiated instruction for learners are incorporated into the program.