T.C. Homecoming Traditional, But Heartbreaking

T.C. Homecoming Traditional, But Heartbreaking

Chantilly foils Titans' day with football victory; king and queen crowned.

The sun came out just in time for this year’s T. C. Williams homecoming parade. The outcome of the game that followed was not nearly as bright as the sky, but the perennial rite of passage went off with all of the pomp and ceremony that makes such occasions memorable.

The parade featured class floats and marching bands. This year’s theme was 'Titans in Hollywood.' The freshman float read 'Chantilly Chargers — void; credit denied.' The float featured students with credit card posters.

The sophomores produced this year’s anti-float. They rode bicycles, did not have a sponsor and carried no signs. The juniors’ float consisted of photographs of stars and a depiction of a projectionist’s tape and blue and silver balloons.

The senior float traditionally wins first prize and this year was no exception. The float had a Hollywood sign and a movie screen that was divided into four panels — one for diversity, one for academics, one for fine arts and one for athletics.

“We wanted to portray the best parts of T. C. on our float,” said Olivia Dankyi, the senior class president.

This year’s homecoming queen was Venessa Ortiz and the homecoming king was Dean Muhtadi. Junior class princess was Tonya Ruffin; sophomore princess was Diti Bhasin and freshman princess was Kiara Murphy.

Students then had to console themselves over the football team’s loss to Chantilly at the homecoming dance.