No More Jogging

No More Jogging

Intersection could be repaired before the end of the year.

Driving south on Falls Road where it intersects with River Road has long been troublesome.

The area, known as Dunham’s Jog, turns a through lane on Falls Road into a left turn lane suddenly, creating a hazardous condition for drivers unfamiliar with the area.

After years of work by Del. Jean Cryor (R-15 and then Sen. Jean Roesser (R-15), the State Highway Administration has begun repairs to the intersection in an effort to make it safer. The project, estimated to cost $350,000, started on Oct. 7, said Charlie Gischlar, spokesperson for the Administration.

“They are going to lengthen the left turn lane and create a left turn from 189 south [Falls Road] onto Eastbound 190 [River Road],” Gischlar said.

The island on Falls will be removed and the road will be widened in front of Mitch and Bill’s Exxon.

“They are going to move the sidewalk over and there will be about two feet of grass between the parking lot and the sidewalk,” said Elie Pisarra-Cain who owns the land on which Mitch and Bill’s sits.

The process will require some lane closures, but Gischlar says that crews will make an effort to do them at times which will have minimal impact.

The project is planned to take 50 working days, weather permitting, Gischlar said. While temperature does not have an effect, crews can not work in rain, so more rainy days will extend the timetable.