<bt>State delegates and senators constitute the state's legislative branch. They draw up the state's budget and pass bills which must be signed by the Governor before they become law. Legislative sessions start in January and last 30 days in odd years and 60 days in even years. There are 100 delegates, 17 representing Fairfax County, and 40 senators, nine representing Fairfax County.

The General Assembly was first convened in Jamestown in 1619, making Virginia's legislature the oldest continuous law-making body in the world.

This year's Senate candidates are:

30th Senate District

* Patricia Ticer, Democrat (incumbent)

* Walter Stankewick, Republican

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31st Senate District

* Mary Margaret Whipple, Democrat (incumbent)

* Kamal Nawash, Republican

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32nd Senate District

* Janet Howell, Democrat (incumbent)

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* Dave Hunt, Republican

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33rd Senate District

* Jim Rinker, Democrat

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* Bill Mims, Republican (incumbent)

34th Senate District

* Ron Christian, Democrat

* Jeannemarie Devolites, Republican

35th Senate District

* Dick Saslaw, Democrat (incumbent)

*C. W. "Levi" Levy, Independent

36th Senate District

* Linda Puller, Democrat (incumbent)

* Chris Braunlich, Republican

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37th Senate District

* Jim Mitchell, Democrat

* Ken Cuccinelli, Republican (incumbent)

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39th Senate District

* Greg Galligan, Democrat

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* James O'Brien, Republican (incumbent)

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This year's House of Delegates candidates are:

34th House District

* Vince Callahan, Republican (incumbent)

35th House District

* Steve Shannon, Democrat

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* Robert McDowell, Republican

36th House District

* Ken Plum, Democrat (incumbent)

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37th House District

* Chap Petersen, Democrat (incumbent)

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* Jack Rust, Republican

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38th House District

* Robert Hull, Democrat (incumbent)

39th House District

* Vivian Watts, Democrat (incumbent)

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40th House District

* Tim Hugo, Republican (incumbent)

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41st House District

* Jim Dillard, Republican (incumbent)

*Michale Golden, Independent

*John Michael Wolfe, Independent

42nd House District

* David Albo, Republican (incumbent)

43rd House District

* Tom Bolvin, Republican (incumbent)

* Mark Sickles, Democrat

44th House District

* Kristen Amundsen, Democrat (incumbent)

* David Kennedy, Republican

45th House District

* Marian Van Landingham, Democrat (incumbent)

*R. Jay Test, Republican

46th House District

* Brian Moran, Democrat (incumbent)

49th House District

* Adam Ebbin, Democrat

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53rd House District

* Jim Scott, Democrat (incumbent)

67th House District

* Gary Reese, Republican (incumbent)

86th District

* Jim Kelly, Democrat

* Tom Rust, Republican (incumbent)