Howell for Senate in 32nd

Janet Howell has served her constituents well, voting her conscience, advocating for the rights of women and children, and serving as a voice for human services. The Virginia Senate desperately needs intelligent women leaders from Northern Virginia. Howell is indispensable. Her integrity and hard work are unquestionable.

Her opponent, David Hunt, is a man of amazing energy and organization. He started his run more than a year and a half ago, and ran a solid campaign. A first-time candidate, Hunt will be back. A community can ill-afford not to tap such a resource. At times, especially early in his campaign, he portrayed himself as a pragmatic problem solver prepared to tackle the tough issues with all the tools available. But he also espouses support for the tax cap and very conservative views on social issues. The tax cap and "revenue neutral" rhetoric will tie the hands of those who try to solve the state's fiscal problems in the coming session.