Bishop Ireton: Student Reflections

Bishop Ireton: Student Reflections

If "Godspell's" message is about the creation of a community, Bishop Ireton High School's recent production not only got the message across to its enthusiastic and appreciative audiences, but also had a profound and lasting effect on the student's who were a part of it. The following student comments reveal the power of that message.

"'Godspell' was an amazing experience. Getting to work with such a talented cast to produce a show that was such a success and touched so many people was awesome. We became an excited, energized, and united ensemble onstage but we also became a family offstage."

— Katie Hickman (cast member)

"The 'Godspell' experience was truly (not to be corny) a life-changing experience. 'Godspell' is a very different play from most and that definitely was a major factor as to why I enjoyed it so much. The people were what truly made this show great. Everyone from the production staff, to the cast, to the crew, was amazing. It will remain with me for a long time, who I met, what I did, and the memories I shared. I will never ever forget 'Godspell' 2004."

— Peter LaClede (cast member)

"Let the fact that I saw this show seven times, four as a critical viewer, and teared up every time speak for itself."

— Brigid Prescott (set designer, costume designer, stage crew)

"Performing 'Godspell' was a wonderful experience. It was the perfect show to conclude my theater experience at Bishop Ireton. It's mission — to build a community of friends in Christ who then spread the Good News to the world — using the gifts that God has bestowed — is so appropriate. The joy and love on the stage is genuine and I think that the audience shared in this as well."

— Kristin Boos (cast member)

"I had the time of my life! I loved being Jesus! It's an experience I will never forget; truly the most meaningful time I've spent during my whole high school career. The friends I've made and the things I've been able to accomplish because of it has meant the world to me. I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to do something I never would have been able to do anywhere else. It was not only a fun experience but one that truly touched my heart. Being given the opportunity to touch people's hearts and make an impression in their minds has been truly rewarding."

— Stephen Santayana (Jesus)

"From 'Godspell', I've learned quite a lot. About myself, about my friends, about our school, and about God. Probably Him most of all. I think that by getting inside this show and the meaning behind it, we've become disciples in the modern day. It's like the lyrics to 'Light of the World:' 'So let your light so shine before men!'

"I've carried away a new view of the Gospels — that they're not just an ancient piece of literature written for people long ago, but a continuing lesson of joy and community that can still be applied today. I know I pay more attention in church nowadays because of 'Godspell.' It's been an incredible experience, one I know I'll not soon forget."

— Karen O'Connell (cast member)

"'Godspell' was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I've never really done a show like this before when everybody is onstage the whole time and involved in everything. The cast was unbelievable. I spent nearly every day with them for at least two hours, and instead of growing tired of them, I grew to love them as my family, even though most of them I already knew and was friends with. The stage crew, costumers, and production staff worked incredibly hard to make the show everything it was, and I thank and love them all from the bottom of my heart. What an awesome way to end the theater year."

— Mary Myers (cast member)

"'Godspell' was an amazing experience. The energy and life which the cast, crew and orchestra brought to the show was incredible, and all of the elements of the production combined to create a truly remarkable version of the Gospel."

— Caroline Schrieber (cast member)

""I was very involved in the production aspects of the show, as a set designer, costumer and a member of Stage Crew. I could tell from the very first production meetings that working on 'Godspell' was going to be extremely creative and satisfying, but I did not realize that it would be such a spiritual journey as well. The spirituality of this show, however, became apparent as we began to make the costumes and build the set, all with the themes of love and community in our minds. I found that as we worked together to portray this message, we ourselves were living it — all of our hard work on 'Godspell' more than paid off: it gave me the opportunity to become stronger in my values and beliefs, and it allowed our school to spread this important message of peace, forgiveness and love to our whole community."

— KC Wright (set designer, costume designer, stage crew)

"... Over the course of a month and a half we not only became a community but we also became a family. A family only we can understand. We can't expect our parents, our siblings or even our other friends to understand our 'Godspell' family but that is OK because it is something we will always understand and something we will never forget. It is true that we will see each other in the halls and some of us will see each other in classes but it will never be the same. This is hard to put into words because simple things like words cannot express the complex emotions of love and friendship we are all feeling. We all just know they are there and that to me is a special thing. None of this may ever be the same but we will always be together, all of us connected with the love and friendships we have formed through the show."

— Josh Goldman (cast member)

"The set was functional, practical and resourceful. The costumes were fun, creative, and extremely imaginative. The sound was some of the best I've heard in my four years at BI (including when it was designed professionally). The lights were just beautiful, capturing the mood and the emotions of the actors. And the cast was one of the brightest, fun — loving, hard working, talented, and with unique personalities I've worked with, adding spark and energy to the stage, rousing the audience unlike anything I've seen in high school theatre."

— Kerry Stinson (Assistant Director)

"'Godspell' is community at its finest. I cannot think of a better example of a group of people who have come together for a common purpose. Personally, I have learned that when one person comes together with many, then that group as a whole can truly achieve great things."

— Beth Rothschild (cast member)

"'Godspell' was my first Ireton production, and I have to say I have never had more fun going to four-hour rehearsals. I loved every moment in working on this show, and I know I will never forget it. The friendships I made and the bonds I formed will stay with me forever."

— Emily Jonas (cast member)

"'Godspell' has truly changed my life. I never would have thought a single group of people could have such an amazing effect on me. Every person in the cast and crew is blessed with an unbelievable amount of talent and an unbelievable amount of love and energy. We have worked together, played together, and in doing so we have grown to be a loving family. I feel truly blessed to be apart of such a fulfilling experience, and it will be in my memory for a long, long time."

— Jake Odmark (John the Baptist/ Judas)