West Potomac's Season

West Potomac's Season

Throughout the course of the year West Potomac Drama has performed "The Sting," eight one-act plays, "Rumors," and is now currently working on "Les Miserables." The theater department was amazed at the large turnouts in all of their shows; the one acts received the most attention than in previous years, while both the fall and winter show sold out two of the three performance nights.

"The Sting" was a modernized rendition of the movie, which featured Robert Redford and Paul Newman; the West Potomac version showcased senior Mike Einbinder and junior Shaughn Dugan.

The winter show brought a fresh face into the department with new teacher Marshall Henderson. Henderson's directorial debut was Neil Simon's "Rumors." "Rumors" was a farce whose ensemble cast consisted mostly of senior thespians.

The task West Potomac has now undertaken is the musical "Les Miserables." Seniors Billy Cover, as Valjean, and Andrew Allen, as Javert, are spearheading the production. The leads along with the ensemble are striving to put on a professional show that justifies the reputation of "Les Miserables." However, the theater department took a break from all their hard work, to enjoy a day in New York watching the Broadway shows, "Phantom of the Opera" and "Avenue Q."