New Grades Take Hold at Cold Spring

New Grades Take Hold at Cold Spring

Interview with Cold Spring Principal Martin Barnett

Is there anything you wish parents would do more of?

“Absolutely not. Everyone is out to support the school, volunteering efforts, and fundraising efforts.”

Is there anything you wish parents would do less of?

“Not at all. It's a very supportive neighborhood, community, where they trust the school and their priorities are the same as ours, which is to provide the best learning environment for our students.”

What will be the biggest challenge for this upcoming school year?

“The implementation of the new grading and reporting policy. Making sure staff, students, and parents are familiar with the new guidelines as the new grading policy is phased in throughout the next two years.”

What is your favorite thing about Cold Spring Elementary?

“The partnership between the parents and the staff, and every year, we work together to support the best environment for the children. It's truly one of the best elementary schools in Montgomery County and in the state of Maryland.”

What are the differences between this year and last?

“Well, the new grading and reporting policy, but also, this year, there is an administration roll-out for grades four and five, for reading and language arts.”


9201 Falls Chapel Way

Potomac, MD 20854

Phone: 301-279-8480

Grades: K-5

Principal: Martin J. Barnett

PTA President: Ellen Morris

Special Programs:

Center for Highly Gifted

Learning and Academic Disabilities

Cold Spring Elementary’s Center for Highly Gifted is one of six centers in the Montgomery County Public School System for exceptionally gifted and motivated elementary students in the fourth and fifth grades. The program provides a full-time accelerated instructional program to encourage the use of higher mental processes and interaction among students with similar interests.

Racial/Ethnic Composition

African American: 5.1%

American Indian: 0.9%

Asian: 23.2%

Hispanic: 4.5%

White: 66.3%

% Receiving Spec. Ed.: 9.8

% ESOL: 2.9

% FARMS: 2.7

Student/Instructional Staff Ratio: 12.6

Average Class Size (Grades 1-2): 22.8

Average Class Size (Grades 3-5): 25.8

Average Class Size (Kindergarten): 25.5

Projected Enrollment/Capacity: 434/439