Bonnie, Charley Leave Little Trace

Bonnie, Charley Leave Little Trace

Predicted weather served as good training for future storms.

With images of Hurricane Isabel still fresh in their minds, residents of New Alexandria weren’t taking any chances. Deb Sell, president of New Alexandria Civic Association, said that volunteers, armed with storm advisory flyers wandered through the neighborhood distributing them.

Mobile units stood at each end of Belle View Boulevard announcing the Web sites and numbers to call for updated information. Local store owners didn’t seem too concerned. Patty Biniek, manager of Power Video, spent part of Thursday evening watching the cars plow the puddles on Belle View Boulevard, which floods even with the slightest amount of rain. This is a cause of concern for future storms.

As of last Thursday, Manoj Duwady, head waiter at Dishes of India, said that they weren’t planning to do anything to prepare for the storm. Jim Todd, owner of the Roy Rogers at Belle View, said they didn’t have any damage. They weren’t even aware of the large lightning bolt that Biniek and others said they saw touch down near the restaurant Thursday evening.

As it turned out, there was nothing to fear. If anything, Bonnie dumped more rain than Charley — about an inch compared to less than a half-inch. This caused temporary flooding on Belle View Boulevard and down at Mount Vernon Country Club; no flooding, however, was reported inside buildings by homeowners or shopkeepers.