Man Charged With Auto Theft

Man Charged With Auto Theft

A Fairfax man suspected of a whole slew of crimes has now been charged with stealing a car belonging to a Clifton couple. He is Milliage Evans, 45, of 11313 Lee Highway.

In an Aug. 2 affidavit to obtain forensic evidence from Evans' person, Fairfax County police Det. Chad Mahoney, of the Auto Theft Section, presented details of the case against him. And he noted that Evans is the defendant in several felony cases involving auto theft, possession of stolen property and identity fraud.

He wrote that, during July, he developed a confidential informant who told him about alleged criminal activity at Evans' address. The person also advised Mahoney that Evans possibly had outstanding warrants for probation/parole violations and might be staying at the Fairfax address (which is someone else's home) to avoid being arrested.

On July 19, Mahoney and other detectives responded to that home, obtained consent from the owner to enter and observed a man matching the description of Evans given by the informant. Mahoney spoke with Evans who, at first, wrote the detective, reportedly gave him a false name and social security number.

Upon doing a criminal check, he discovered Evans' true identity, plus the fact that he had an outstanding warrant for parole violation. Mahoney then arrested Evans on this warrant.

He also charged Evans with identity fraud which, wrote Mahoney, was a felony because Evans had been charged with this violation at least one time previously. Furthermore, during a search incident to Evans' arrest, Mahoney located an Infinity car key on a key ring with a leather strap in Evans' pants pocket.

"[I] noticed Evans had an apparent recent injury on his right cheek at the time of arrest," he wrote. "Evans advised [me] that he recently got into an accident on a moped — then changed his statement to [say] he was recently beat up by individuals that were possibly related to a drug supplier, and that is how he sustained the injury."

Mahoney also noted Evans reportedly told him the Infinity key was used to start that moped. But during his investigation, the detective learned that an Infinity I30 sedan had been stolen, July 14, from Cannon Fort Drive in Clifton.

The detective then took the key he'd confiscated from Evans to a Clifton couple "who were able to positively identify [it] as the valet key to their stolen Infinity I30," he wrote. "The leather strap on this key ring matched and snapped into a purse belonging to [the wife]." Centre View is not revealing the couple's names because they are victims.

Then on July 20, Mahoney and a Det. Twomey of the Criminal Investigations Bureau located and recovered the missing 1999 Infinity I30 from a Fairfax address a short distance away from where Evans was staying.

Mahoney used the key to open the car doors and, he wrote, "During the recovery of the vehicle, [I] was also able to recover latent evidence, which appeared to be blood, from the interior of the Infinity. The victims were able to respond to the location and advised [me] that the suspected blood collected did not belong to them and that [it] was not in the vehicle before it was stolen from their residence."

The husband also told Mahoney several items were missing from his car as a result of its theft. One of them was a small vacuum/shampooer that was in the trunk of the vehicle before it was stolen.

After obtaining a detailed description of the item from him, the detective then visited Fairfax Pawn on Lee Highway — located in the same shopping center when the car was recovered. Mahoney spoke with employee Dawn Scott who, he wrote, was reportedly able to identify a photograph of Evans.

He stated she "further advised [me] that Evans had been in the business a few days prior, attempting to pawn a vacuum/shampooer which matched the description [the victim] had given." Mahoney also noted that, when he arrested Evans on July 19, he noticed that he had a Fairfax Pawn business card on his person.

Mahoney then requested a warrant to obtain a sample of Evans' DNA so it could be compared with the suspected blood collected from the stolen car. The warrant was executed and the DNA collected on Aug. 2. Following his arrest for grand larceny, Evans has a Sept. 13 court date.