Society Landmark Ceremony at River Farm

Society Landmark Ceremony at River Farm

American Horticultural Society added to a list of honored landmarks.

Being recognized by one of your own is probably the greatest honor there is. And that is exactly what happened last week at River Farm, headquarters of the American Horticultural Society (AHS).

In an outdoor ceremony held Friday afternoon, Frederick S. Davies, president of the American Society for Horticultural Landmarks (ASHS) presented Katy Moss Warner, American Horticultural Society president, and Dr. H. Marc Cathey, American Horticultural Society President Emeritus, with the ASHS Horticultural Landmark Award. This award commemorates sites of horticultural accomplishment. Sites are selected for historical, scientific, environmental and aesthetic value, and include, among others: Monticello; The River Walk in San Antonio; the United States Botanic Gardens in Washington, D.C.; and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Ontario, Canada.

Davies said that he was pleased to present the award to AHS and thanked the landmark committee, particularly Donald Maynard for spearheading efforts.

Cathey said, “River Farm is a very special place, and we’re pleased to host this event. I want to thank Katy [Moss Warner] and Arabella [Dane]. Warner presented complimentary memberships to ASHS board members, saying “This will lead us into the future. This honor means more than you will ever know.”

Dane then acknowledged Cathey’s efforts, saying that “He is the person who has inspired me most. He is the oak tree of this organization.”

After the ceremony, guests gathered inside for a reception with sparkling cider, sweets and crackers and cheese. They enjoyed the beautifully decorated theme trees that have become a trademark of River Farm.