Capital Improvements in Holding Pattern

Capital Improvements in Holding Pattern

A status report on the Herndon Capital Improvements Program, presented Tuesday night by the town Department of Public Works at a joint work session between the mayor and Town Council and the Planning Commission, shows a number of key projects now in jeopardy of not being completed.

Below is a list of those projects and their status, characterized by the department as:

"Green - CIP objective will be met and all necessary funds will be encumbered by June 30, 2004; Amber - CIP objective and encumbrance of all necessary funds by June 30, 2004 are at risk; and Red - CIP objective and encumbrance of all necessary funds by June 30, 2004 are unlikely."

* Runnymede Park, design: red, needs additional $21,900 for Carroll House rehabilitation.

* Sugarland Run Trail, design and construction: amber.

* Cultural Arts Center, design: red.

* Community Center Phase IV, design: amber.

* Herndon Police Facility, design and construction at 397 Herndon Parkway: green, total cost $9.5 million.

* Neighborhood Resource Center Site: red, reappropriated $950,000 from this project to new police station.

Robert Boxer, director of public works, said the department has been focusing on three projects, the police station, the cultural arts center and the community center. As for the police station, he said they are looking at cost-saving measures and hope to have the police moved in by December of this year.

The community center, he said, is actively in the design stage and with Town Council approval, the department hopes to proceed with construction drawings by February. Boxer said that with funding, it could be possible to go to bid this fall.

Finally, the art center, he said, had been put on hold pending changes to the CIP in order to purchase the new police station site. He said the department was prepared to go forward with selecting an architect, but decided to wait until there was some assurance of funding.

Mayor Richard Thoesen suggested the department go forward with hiring an architect to develop roughly 30 percent of the project so there could be some idea of cost and potential areas for saving money.