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An Actor's Life: Ralph Cosham

Ralph Cosham, a local actor, is currently appearing in "1984" at the Catalyst Theater in Washington, D.C. and will be appearing in a "Reston Presents" appearance on Monday, Feb. 9 from 7-9 p.m. at Reston Community Center.

Name: Ralph Cosham

Address: Northgate Square, Lake Anne

Age: 67

Current Occupation: Actor/narrator

Previous Employment: I was once a journalist but that was many years ago.

Favorite part of my occupation: The opportunity it gives me to meet and work with people of all ages and ethnicities and to work in different media (stage, film, television, audio books, etc.) I am currently appearing in "1984" at the Catalyst Theater in Washington D.C., and filming an HBO movie, "Something the Lord Made", starring Alan Rickman and Mos Def, in Baltimore, Md.

Education:  I was trained as a journalist in England, with the equivalent of a master’s degree in journalism.

Number of years at current address: 22

Community ties, activities: My wife, Beverly, is chairman of the board of the Reston Community Center and a member of the Reston Chorale and I am a volunteer reader for the third graders at Dogwood Elementary School.

Wish for the community: That it doesn’t completely lose the charm and the sense of community of the early years, when Lake Anne really was a village and everyone knew everyone else in the neighborhood.

One thing about the community that everyone should know about:  The local YMCA has to be one of the best around. From early child care to senior fitness, there are programs for everyone. It is a terrific facility, well-staffed and well run.

Favorite Restaurant: Jasmine Cafe at Lake Anne.

Favorite people in the community: The third graders at Dogwood Elementary.

Favorite Book: I read "Cold Mountain" while recovering from heart surgery in 1987. It remains one of my all-time favorites.

Hobbies: Tai Chi, sailing, cooking, reading, and last but by no means least, playing with my grandchildren.