Bond Referendum by Numbers

Bond Referendum by Numbers

The Arlington County Board approved the placement of four questions on the Nov. 2 ballot for a bond referendum on more than $208 million in County Government and Schools projects included in the Fiscal Year 2005-2010 Capital Improvement Program.

"We believe that these are wise investments in our future and hope that our residents will agree when they go to the polls in November," said Barbara A. Favola, county board chair.

The bond will fund large-scale county improvement projects, according to the county Web site, including government and school facilities, the acquisition and development of open space and recreational facilities, the improvement and conservation of neighborhoods, and the provision of transportation facilities and infrastructure.

The action by the Board on Saturday authorizes the Arlington Circuit Court to schedule the referendum.


* Local parks and recreation — project totaling $75.4 million, including $50 million for the North Tract project

* Transportation and Community Infrastructure — community conservation projects, transportation and pedestrian initiatives, public facility projects and storm drainage projects estimated at $35.9 million

* Metro — for construction, acquisition and rehabilitation of Metro facilities by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority at an estimated cost of $18.5 million

* Arlington County Public Schools Projects — $78.1 million for various school capital projects.

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<b>Arlington County Projects $129,875,000</b>

<b>Community Conservation $13,025,000</b>

(Includes funds for improving roads, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, streetlights and parks. Also includes funding for the Neighborhood Conservation program, which lets civic associations approve money for neighborhood improvements around the county)

Neighborhood Conservation $10,000,000

Commercial Revitalization $3,000,000

Bond Issuance $25,000

<b>Parks and Recreation $75,395,000</b>

(Includes $50 million in funds for the first phase of construction at the North Tract, a 28.6-acre park in South Arlington that would include exercise facilities, athletic fields and an aquatics center. Also includes funds for land acquisition, cultural facilities and public art)

Land Acquisition $4,000,000

Recreation Center Development $9,000,000

Park and Open Space Development $61,750,000

Public Art $500,000

Bond Issuance $145,000

<b>Public Facilities $9,769,000</b>

(Includes money for renovation or relocation of county fire stations and the fire training academy)

Fire Stations $5,000,000

Fire Training Academy $4,750,000

Bond Issuance $19,000

<b>Transport and Pedestrian Initiatives $10,195,000</b>

(Includes funding for the WALKArlington program, encouraging a pedestrian-friendly environement, improvements to county-managed streets and roads, bike paths, pedestrian trails, traffic calming projects and money to fund transit projects and improvements in the county.)

WALKArlington $1,000,000

Trails and Bikeways $325,000

Arterials $4,600,000

Neighborhood Traffic Calming $1,000,000

Transit $150,000

Transportation Preservation $3,100,000

Bond Issuance $20,000

<b> Metro $18,536,000</b>

(Includes the county’s payment to run Metro Rail and Bus services, including rehabilitation and improvement programs.)

Contributions to Metro $18,500,000

Bond Issuance $36,000

<b> Storm Drainage $2,955,000</b>

(Includes funds to eliminate flooding and erosion problems.)

Storm Drainage $2,950,000

Bond Issuance $5,000

<b>Arlington Public Schools Projects $78,128,000</b>

(Includes funds to complete reconstruction at Kenmore Middle School and the first phase at Yorktown High School, and to begin complete reconstruction at Washington-Lee High School and two community centers.)

Middle and High School $76,332,100

Kenmore $1,370,900

Washington-Lee $72,735,300

Yorktown $2,225,900

<b> Multi-Use Facilities $1,795,900

</b> Arlington Mill Community Center $935,900

Reed Community Center - Phase II $860,000

<b>TOTAL $208,003,000</b>


<bt>Increase in payments on the county’s debt as a result of the bond referenda, if all were passed.

2005 2006 2007

County $37.3 million $38.6 million $42.2 million

Schools $24.7 million $27.3 million $30.6 million

Total $62 million $65.9 million $72.8 million