Probably Not

Probably Not

Planning Board gives Stoney Creek Road idea an unfavorable review.

A proposed subdivision was looked upon unfavorably by the Planning Board on July 8. A pre-preliminary plan was filed by the property owner, Metody Tilev, for comment on his desire to subdivide his 5-acre property on Stoney Creek Road.

Pre-preliminary plans come before the Planning Board for comment only, and no vote is taken on the plan. Tilev currently lives on the site and wanted to build an additional house for his parents.

The area is zoned one house per two acres; however, the topography of the site makes such a subdivision difficult, said Richard Weaver of Planning Board staff. The staff worked on different possible configurations of lots and house placements, but the options would have forced the new dwelling to be built in a stream buffer, or would have created a lot that would not conform to some other zoning requirements. "We couldn’t create a lot there that staff would support," Weaver said.

Tilev argued that there were viable alternatives and that the zoning gives him a right to build another dwelling on the site.

The Planning Board agreed with staff. A 5-acre lot that cannot be further subdivided due to environmental restraints is not unique. "That is true in many parts of the county," said Derick Berlage, chair of the Planning Board.

Although they acknowledged that Tilev made a good case about his right to develop his land, they felt that the environmental protections trumped his concerns. "We don’t have the flexibility to help you," said Commissioner Meredith Wellington. "From what I see now, the staff has it right."

<1b>—Ari Cetron