Zip, Zing, and 31 Spices

Zip, Zing, and 31 Spices

Redrock Canyon Grill restaurant opens in Centreville.

Haymarket resident Jim Strader has one simple test for determining a restaurant’s worth: tasting the meatloaf.

Dining with his wife Betsy on the outdoor patio of Redrock Canyon Grill, one of Centreville’s newest restaurants, Jim Strader tasted the Permisson Hill Meatloaf, brought out to him, Betsy noted, before he had finished half his beer.

“Excellent,” he said.

Redrock Canyon Grill, which opened its doors in June, already serves to a packed house. “The location is fantastic,” said John Barrett, general manager of the restaurant that sits alongside Trinity Road off of Route 29.

The Redrock Canyon Grill concept began in Oklahoma City, with a second opening in Wichita, Kan. The restaurant in Centreville is the third, and the first of 12 scheduled to open in the Virginia and Maryland area.

THE RESTAURANT exudes a Southwestern atmosphere, with rock-filled ceramic bowls holding a cactus near every table, and rounded pepper-shakers adding a flair of color to the dark wood and leather of the tables and seats. Barrett describes Redrock Canyon Grill as an upscale, casual concept. Guests can come in a suit, or come in shorts, and still feel comfortable.

As with the décor, the food displays Southwestern tendencies: Barrett explained that all the food is full-flavored, and everything is fresh and made in-house. The Permisson Hill Meatloaf combines spicy ground beef tenderloin with pork sausage and mixed cheeses, and is slow-cooked and topped with a fire roasted tomato-brown sauce.

“Everything was very tasty, nothing bland,” said Jim Strader. Betsy Strader, searching for words to describe the chicken in her chicken salad, finally came up with two: "Zip and zing," she said.

The wood-fired rotisserie roasted chicken, the restaurant’s specialty which sells for $13.99, is slow-roasted throughout the day to bring out maximum flavor. Chefs season the chicken with 31 different spices, and include redskin mashed potatoes and green beans with the plate.

“The seasoning is very good, it just makes the whole thing,” said Jennie, a Centreville resident who split the Cluck-n-Oink, a $17.99 combination plate of rotisserie chicken and Bunkhouse BBQ ribs, with Amber, her friend. (Both declined to give last names.) Amber believed the one plate to be plenty for the both of them, saying that the meal contained at least two full portions.

“I’ll definitely be coming back,” said Jennie.

ANOTHER Redrock Canyon Grill feature is the Marinated Pork Tenderloin. The restaurant's menu describes the dish as, "mustard and herb marinated, generously covered with caramelized apple-onion compote." The plate, which includes mashed potatoes and the fresh vegetable of the day, is $16.99.

The Big Pond Ahi, $19.99, is pan seared with black and white sesame seeds, and is topped with wasabi and ginger. The plate includes redskin mashed potatoes, wasabi dipping sauce, and the fresh vegetable of the day.

The Wood Grilled Beef Tenderloin, $25.99, is seared and sliced, and topped with Worcestershire butter. It includes redskin mashed potatoes and the fresh vegetable of the day.

The restaurant offers two combination plates: the Cluck-n-Moo, which combines the specialty of the restaurant — the rotisserie chicken — with the wood grilled beef tenderloin for $25.99, and the Cluck-n-Oink, which combines the rotisserie chicken with BBQ ribs for $17.99. Both plates include redskin mashed potatoes and green beans.

REDROCK CANYON GRILL offers curbside service for those in a hurry. Barrett explained that customers can call and place and order, then drive to the back of the restaurant where a monitor will allow employees to see the car. Someone will then bring out the order.

Redrock Canyon Grill is located at 5815 Trinity Parkway in Centreville. Hours are Sunday through Thursday, 4–11 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays, 4–12 p.m. The restaurant can be reached by phone at 703-830-6600.