Seventeen Years of Fresh Vegetables

Seventeen Years of Fresh Vegetables

“I love fresh corn,” says Kurt Rempey, of Chevy Chase. Rempey comes every year to buy corn from the Farmer’s Market on River Road and Congressional. “These vegetables are actually fresher than the corn in the supermarkets,” he said, as he walked off with a large bag of vegetables.

The Farmer’s Market was established in 1987 as a family-run business, with various products being offered in the different seasons. Steve Magassy and Jeff Norman now co-run five different locations around the Potomac-Bethesda area. The Potomac Farmer’s Market alone sells approximately 200 25-pound poxes of tomatoes per weekend. “The lot is filled on the weekends,” Magassy said.

The Market obtains its daily picked produce from Luis Orchards, which has been affiliated with the Market for years, and grows its own perennials and annuals in an Olney Greenhouse.

“People are really nice here,” Brittany Christians said. Christians is a rising Churchill junior working at the Potomac Market during the summer. She is one of several employees who keep the Market open all day and all week. “We work from sunrise to sunset,” Magassy says, “we’re open eight days a week.”