Man Pleads Guilty To Sexual Charge

Man Pleads Guilty To Sexual Charge

Scheduled to begin a jury trial Monday after being charged last winter with three sex crimes, a Centreville man opted, instead, to plead guilty to a lesser charge. He is due for sentencing, the end of August.

The man is Gabriel Nicholas Maxey, 44, of 6145 Stonepath Circle in London Towne, and he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 35-year-old Annandale woman in his home.

FAIRFAX COUNTY police Det. Joseph Norton provided details in a Dec. 23, 2003 affidavit for a warrant to obtain forensic samples from Maxey's person. He wrote that the woman went to Maxey's home, earlier that day, after being summoned there through her employer, a female escort service.

"The victim was paid $200 to spend an hour with a male subject who identified himself as Nick," wrote Norton. "During the hour, the [woman] danced, provided communication and female company, as agreed upon."

When the time was up, the woman called her employer and said she was through and was leaving. However, Maxey — who is 6 foot 1 and 210 pounds — had other ideas. "Nick told [her] she was not leaving, and forced her onto the couch," wrote the detective.

According to Norton, the woman was then reportedly sexually violated with both animate and inanimate objects. Afterward, he wrote, Maxey "threw [her] her belongings and allowed her to leave.

Later, the woman was given a sexual-assault exam at Inova Fairfax Hospital and, wrote Norton, "Injuries to her body were documented."

A FRIEND OF the woman called police, Dec. 23, around 7 a.m., to report the crime. Police then arrested Maxey, charging him with abduction with intent to defile and two counts of object sexual penetration. The search warrant was executed that night, and police obtained samples from Maxey's hands, fingernails and cheek lining.

On March 10 in General District Court, Judge Ian O'Flaherty certified the charges against him to the grand jury. Five days later, the grand jury indicted Maxey on all three. He appeared Monday, July 26, in Circuit Court before Judge Gaylord Finch.

At that time, pursuant to a plea agreement, the charges of object sexual penetration were dropped. The abduction/defile offense was reduced to aggravated sexual battery, and Maxey pleaded guilty to this charge.

Before accepting his plea, Finch asked Maxey if he was entering it freely and voluntarily and because he was, in fact, guilty of this offense, and Maxey replied in the affirmative. The judge then set his sentencing for Aug. 27.