Development Approved on Travilah

Development Approved on Travilah

No affordable housing will be included.

The Planning Board granted preliminary and site plan approval to Potomac’s Edge, a 34-unit development on Travilah Road, next to the Rockville Quarry. The development will go on a 13.31-acre parcel. "The maximum permitted units in this site is 39," said Mary Beth O’Quinn of Park and Planning.

If the developer had included one more unit, bringing the total to 35, affordable housing would have been required in the project under County law.

Some Transferable Development Rights (TDR) were required to make the project viable. The development would have required the purchase of nine TDRs, but the site contains a 75-foot gas pipe easement and an on-site tree save.

Planning Board staff found that by waiving the requirement for the purchase of one of the TDRs, the project as a whole will be more environmentally friendly.

"Environmental Planning has made the finding that it would be appropriate to reduce the number of TDR," said Richard Weaver of Park and Planning.

The developer is only required to acquire eight TDRs. TDRs are a function of the creation of the county’s agricultural reserve and allow land owners in other parts of the county to build with a higher density than the zoning would normally allow while preserving open space in the agricultural reserve.

The project passed site plan and preliminary plan unanimously. "It’s a wonderful, wonderful concept, and I support it wholeheartedly," said Commissioner Allison Bryant.

The developer, Maryland Development Company, expects to break ground in the Spring of 2005, said Ted Smart of the company. He expects to deliver houses, which will range from 4,500-5,500 square feet at the end of 2005 and into early 2006.