Woman Charged With Fraud, Theft

Woman Charged With Fraud, Theft

Karen Macrae held without bond until August hearing.

Karen Macrae, 43, of Alexandria, has been charged with seven counts of fraud and identity theft and is being held in the Alexandria Detention Center without bond. These seven counts carry a maximum penalty of 75 years in jail.

Warrants were issued for Macrae’s arrest late last week and she turned herself in to police on Tuesday. She is charged with identity theft, credit card fraud and obtaining property under false pretenses from both a landlord and two hotels.

Macrae was well known in Alexandria, having worked briefly on Mayor William D. Euille’s election campaign last year and for starting Alexandria Today, a magazine geared toward the African-American community.

She sponsored a concert at the George Washington Masonic Temple at which recording star Roberta Flack performed. Flack’s attorney alleges that he was paid for the singer’s performance with bad checks. The magazine was never produced, despite subscriptions having been sold and advertisers having been solicited. The current charges do not include writing bad checks.

“We are looking into other allegations but these are the current charges,” said Alexandria Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Elliott Casey.

Councilman Ludwig Gaines, who knows Macrae, said, “It is unfortunate but not surprising that it has come to this,” he said.

Mayor Euille said, “I am sorry that it had to come to this but given the circumstances, I am not surprised,” he said.

Macrae will remain in jail until her preliminary hearing on Aug. 3.