'Missing' Boy is Found

'Missing' Boy is Found

False alarm; boy was with his father running an errand.

Any mother would be beside herself with worry and panic if they heard that their son had gone missing. So it is understandable why Christina Cutlip of Stillfield Place in Virginia Run came racing home at 90 mph from her job in Washington, D.C., last Tuesday afternoon. She had just received a call that her 4-year-old son, Bryan, was missing.

After searching the entire house and calling neighbors to check if Bryan was there, Cutlip and her sister Moude Muzangaza, who was taking care of the children, called the police.

"The [Sully District] police were wonderful. I've never seen so many police cars so quickly. They were all over the place," said Cutlip. As a police helicopter searched from above, the police knocked on neighbors' doors and soon enough practically the entire community was looking for Bryan.

"The community was absolutely fantastic in helping out," said Christina Cutlip of the many neighbors who helped with the search. "I could not ask for a better neighborhood. There were people calling Bryan's name and lots of kids on bikes looking for him."

In the end, the emergency turned out to be a false alarm as Bryan's father Mark had taken his son in the car with him to pick up brother, Rohan, 10, from camp. Moude Muzangaza, the boys' aunt, did not realize that Bryan had left with his dad, and when she could not find him she became worried and called Christina Cutlip at work.

The Cutlips were impressed and thankful to the Sully District police and their neighbors. "Virginia Run has been wonderful. It's just been a fantastic community. We can't say enough good things about it," said Christina.