Shaving Heads Raises Money for Children

Shaving Heads Raises Money for Children

Ten participants in the third annual St. Baldrick’s fundraiser collected over $33,000 for pediatric cancer research by publicly shaving their heads. The event is held each year at over 130 locations worldwide.

National Childhood Cancer Foundation president Paul Burke attended the March 12 fund-raiser held at the Old Brogue in Great Falls. “This is a great little boutique event here. We are very impressed by the money this community was able to raise,” said Burke.

Shavee David Fox raised the lion’s share of the money collected for the charity, according to event organizer Dr. William Goldsmith. Fox single-handedly raised over $10,000 by getting pledges for shaving his head bald.

A $500 donation was made by a local landscaping company in Fox’s name under the condition that Fox, a staunch Republican, was shaved by a friend donning a Bill Clinton mask. “That was insult to injury,” joked Michelle Franklin.

A final tally of the funds raised will not be available for two weeks. Cash and checks donated at the standing-room-only event will be added to the group’s total and posted on the St. Baldrick’s Web site.

Burke said that either he or a representative from the National Childhood Cancer Foundation would attend next year to ensure that the success created so far by the Great Falls community continues into the future.