The Army Says 'Thank You'

The Army Says 'Thank You'

Ceremony held at Fire Station 204.

Saving lives and rushing into emergency situations is what they do for a living. They also volunteer their time, energy and expertise to train others how to save lives on a battlefield.

For their efforts in training U.S. Army ROTC Cadets at George Mason University, 12 members of the Alexandria Fire Department were honored in a ceremony at Station 204 Tuesday morning. They conducted classes in "Combat Lifesaver," "Individual Movement Techniques," and "Squad Tactics Paintball Drills," enabling the cadets to be more knowledgeable and prepared in emergency situations.

PRESENTING EACH with a certificate of recognition was Maj. Gen. Robert A. McIntosh, USAFR (Ret), executive director, Reserve Officers Association and LT. Col. Cynthia Armstrong, professor, Military Science, George Mason University.

"The fire department is being thanked for their support in providing us with both instructors and equipment," McIntosh said.

"We are not here just to recognize support for the Army," McIntosh emphasized. "This thank you is also on behalf of the University ROTC program."

Alexandria Fire Chief Gary Mesaris said, "We take a great deal of pride each year in this affiliation. It is necessary for everyone to be prepared for any emergency."

Staff Sergeant Jodi R. Renner, military science training NCO, 8th Brigade, US Army Reserve, acknowledged, "It is vitally important that we give our soldiers and cadets top notch training. Without the support of personnel from the Alexandria Fire Department we would not have been able to deliver such high speed, realistic training."

Courses covered such activities as life saver training in combat situations, how to treat both frost bite and heat exposure, use of an intravenous instrument, how to properly transport an injured person on a litter, and other activities geared to dealing with life threatening situations, according to Lt. Col. Louis J. Leto, director, Public Affairs, Reserve Officers Association.

The 12 fire department personnel honored were: Battalion Chief Thomas Harrell; Emergency Rescue Technicians Deidre Brink, Jeremy Lenzner, Mark Chronister, Suzanne Feast, and ERT Supervisor Lisa Jones; Firefighters Kim Bosser, Jaime Munoz, Michael Lynn, Keith Walker, Steve Richmond, and Michael Wimer.