Student Overflow Traffic Brings Trash

Student Overflow Traffic Brings Trash

It's not the cars that line Old Burke Road, blocking sightlines, that bothers resident Nancy Grass. It's the fast-food containers littering the roadside that come with those cars.

"It's mostly litter," Grass said. "They litter all the time. I don't mind [the parking], if they would just keep the neighborhood clean. But they don't."

Old Burke Road is right across the street from Lake Braddock Secondary School and during school, the road is lined with cars. The cul-de-sac at the end of the street is a designated turn-around area for emergency vehicles, but the students block that as well. This summer, planned renovations at the school will take up more parking spaces in the school parking lot, causing students to seek out other places to park. Grass is aware of the potential onslaught.

"From what I hear, it's only going to get worst," she said.

MARY SHAW, Fairfax County Public Schools spokesperson, said that the renovation schedule extends from June 2004 to the fall of 2007.

Lake Braddock seniors Margot Aaronson and Jannie Chin see some of the equipment at the school already. "They're starting to bring trailers on the grass areas," Margot said. "We pay for our spots." As a junior, Margot drove to school last year and used Old Burke Lake Road for parking.

Shaw noted that a few Lake Braddock students have organized trash clean-up groups, but Grass has yet to see any students cleaning up Old Burke Road.

"I've done it myself," Grass said.

Jannie heard about the trash along Old Burke Lake Road and participated in the litter pick-up effort.

"We've cleaned up trash for student government," she said.

John Bauer lives in Burke Estates right off Old Burke Lake Road. He's been watching the trash pile up. Bauer even went as far as addressing a security guard at the school after finding a name on a book that was all ripped up.

"They use it as a trash pit, I can't say the school's been cooperative," Bauer said. "[The guard] told me he talked to the kid but nothing happened. The principal won't even talk to me."

Supervisor Sharon Bulova (D-Braddock) is aware of the parking problem too. There are always good points and bad points about school renovations, Bulova said. She came up with one remedy for the problem in the neighborhood by establishing a residential parking district on the street. All the residents would have parking stickers and those without stickers could be ticketed. This would require a petition in the neighborhoods.

"This would have to be done at the request of the homeowners," Bulova said.

Bauer has worked with Bulova's office and was happy with the response.

"They've been a great help," Bauer said.

Blocking mailboxes is another problem with parking in residential areas, Bulova said.

"If the postal carrier has to get out of the truck, they don't have to deliver the mail. [Residents] will have to go to the post office to pick the mail up," Bulova