RA Executive Steps Down; Search To Begin

RA Executive Steps Down; Search To Begin

Gerald Volloy is leaving RA to work for government contractor focusing on defense and intelligence.

Reston Association’s top executive, Gerald Volloy, announced Monday he is stepping down to work for a government contractor that focuses on national security.

Volloy, who has been RA’s executive vice president and CEO since November 2000, said he is sorry to leave RA, but the former Air Force colonel said he is excited to once again have a role in defending the United States.

“This is extremely important work,” Volloy said. “This is an opportunity to move on with my career and serve my country in an exciting position.”

Volloy will become vice president of program management for LexisNexis Special Services, which provides classified intelligence solutions to government defense and intelligence agencies.

In addition to being a retired Air Force colonel, Volloy has served as the Deputy Chief of Fighter Programs at the Pentagon and as Fighter Base Commander. He was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action, five Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Legion of Merit, and 16 Air Medals.

He also has worked as an executive for defense contractor British Aerospace, heading the company’s commercial programs in England, Scotland, Berlin, Belgium, Istanbul and Indonesia.

When Volloy leaves on June 18, RA’s Chief Financial Officer Ray Leonhard will step in as the interim executive vice president.

Over the next several weeks, the RA Board of Directors will determine the attributes it wants to find in Volloy’s replacement, said RA Board President Rick Beyer.

Volloy is leaving amidst the organization’s comprehensive governing documents review, an undertaking that could alter the future of Reston’s homeowners association and the community, but Volloy’s departure is not expected to disrupt the board’s work, Beyer said.

UNDER VOLLOY’S tenure, RA has moved forward on a number of major community projects, including the Southgate Recreational Facility, the new Nature House, and the ongoing governing documents review.

“All of the major objectives I set for myself as I joined RA have been achieved,” he said.

RA Director Vicky Wingert, herself a former executive vice president, said Volloy did a good job of invigorating the organization on projects like Southgate.

“Jerry got closure on some issues that had been dormant,” she said.

Volloy said the organization will be in good hands with Beyer and the board’s new vice president, Doug Bushée (North Point).

“I know the Reston Association will continue to meet its obligations and future challenges to both the organization and to the community,” he said.

Robin Smyers, the Lake Anne representative to the RA board, said Volloy’s leadership will be missed and a qualified replacement needs to be found soon.

“We’re going to have to fill this position as soon as possible,” she said.

RA Director Joe Leighton (South Lakes) said he hates to see the organization lose a leader like Volloy.

“Today is a very sad day because Jerry is leaving,” Leighton said. “We’re very disappointed.”