Frying Pan Park Turns into Battle Field

Frying Pan Park Turns into Battle Field

Park location for filming of "The Battle of Chantilly."

Frying Pan Park was transformed from a working farm — owned by the Fairfax County Park Authority — into a bloodied battlefield with fallen soldiers and gunfire last weekend for the filming of "The Battle of Chantilly."

Civil War reenactors from the Historical Entertainment company — the major casting company for the movie "Gods and Generals" — performed the final battle scenes for the film co-produced by Bert Morgan and Chuck Mauro.

Mauro, president of the Herndon Historical Society wrote the book "The Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill) A Monumental Storm," which, at Morgan's suggestion, is now being made into a film to first air on Fairfax Public Access Channel 10.

Morgan, president of BLM Productions, said he first came up with the idea to make Mauro's book into a movie after the Fairfax County History Commission and the Fairfax Public Access Channel 10 asked him to look into interviewing Mauro about the book for his local television program "Virginia's Living History."

Since then, the two have been working to make sure the film is historically accurate by filming at various locations and where the battle originally occurred.

With the completion of filming last weekend, Morgan will

now spend at least another eight months to a year in the post-production phase before releasing the film.