Students Spend Recess Walking for Homeless

Students Spend Recess Walking for Homeless

Beverly Farms Elementary School student joined in a walk for the homeless Friday at the school.

Students who had registered to participate in the event came out in staggered class groups, received blue, walk for the homeless t-shirts and then did laps around the blacktop for about 20 minutes.

The beneficiary of the walk was Stepping Stones Shelter, a shelter for families in Rockville.

“The nice thing about the kids walking for the program is they’re walking for other kids and I think they can related to that. … We tell them that it could be the kid next to you that needs the help, and it’s true,” aid Tina McKendree, executive director of the shelter.

McKendree also appreciated the fact that Beverly Farms students give up their recess to join in the walk, while at other schools it may be compulsory or take place during class time, “They’re making a sacrifice,” she said.

“It’s really nice to help out. They’re our age. They could be in this school except for their problems,” said Laura Sperling, a 5th grader, about. the Montgomery county kids who will benefit from the funds raised. Added classmate Maliza Namude, “They’re normal people just like us; they just don’t have as much.”