Mosby Woods Takes a Hike

Mosby Woods Takes a Hike

Students participate in a mini-walk to benefit a homeless shelter.

Students at Mosby Woods Elementary were asked to put themselves in the shoes of the homeless, and then walk for them. On Nov. 5, the students conducted a walk for the homeless to raise funds for Mount Carmel House, a shelter for women in Washington, D.C.

For each student that walked, the Fannie Mae Foundation will donate $15 to the shelter, and for each adult, $25, said Mahri Aste, principal of Mosby Woods.

One of the goals of the walk, besides raising funds, was to give the students an understanding of less fortunate people and to show them how to take a positive action to help those people.

“Right now, with your walk today, you’re taking your first great step,” said Hilary K., a woman who had lived at Mount Carmel but is now living in her own apartment.

“We want to build a compassion in the kids this age,” said Susanne Pirone, a consultant for the Fannie Mae Foundation.

At least some of the students demonstrated that they were gaining an understanding that they may have privileges that others do not. “Every day, I think we take for granted that we have a home,” said Sofia Crutchfield.

<1b>— Ari Cetron