MVC Thriving and Has Long Lease

MVC Thriving and Has Long Lease

Not only is the new MVC Latenight DVD a hit with the community, but it's apparently going to be in Centreville for a long, long time. MVC General Manager John Kenny confirmed that the store has signed a 20-year lease.

Many local residents were shocked, last week, to discover an adult video store had opened at the crossroads to Centreville, the intersection of Routes 28 and 29. It even had a banner sign tantalizingly touting its wares — including "lubes" and "toys for lovers."

Those opposing the new business — which is perfectly legal there since it's a "by-right" use in that particular, commercially zoned spot — are upset that it's in such a visible place. And they're concerned that it's so close to Centreville's Historic District, a preschool, daycare center and five churches.

But it doesn't bother everyone. In fact — judging by the store's initial business — it's making a lot of people happy. This is MVC's 10th store in Northern Virginia and, said Kenny, "It's the fastest-growing store we've ever opened in the whole chain, in terms of dollars and people coming through the door."

In the first week, alone, he said, "We did 594 transactions. We were amazed at how much business we did." Kenny said MVC decided to bring its adult-oriented offerings to Centreville because there's a market for them here.

"We tracked the [customers'] ZIP codes in our whole data base," he said. "They're coming from Loudoun to our Chantilly store, and people from Centreville would go to our Chantilly and Manassas locations."

Kenny said that, when MVC rented its building in Centreville, it didn't know the driveway next to it led to a child-care center. But in all fairness, he added, the spot was available and "someone else could have purchased that property and opened a business."

He said the banner sign will come down and the only words on the building's exterior will be "MVC Latenight DVD." And although the business only offers sexual products and DVDs portraying explicit sexual behavior, he objects to people calling it a "porn shop."

Said Kenny: "We provide late-night entertainment; we supply a need for the community ... we'll be no different from any other business in Centreville."