13th Annual Canine Games

13th Annual Canine Games

Imagine 200 dogs visiting a park at one time.

That is what one would have seen last Saturday morning as the Canine Games got under way at Chinquapin Park.  Cheryl Pratt brought Stella, a Great Dane. Stella ran a hundred yards through a small forest of toys, never looking elsewhere but to be back with Cheryl, who stood at the finish line of the obstacle course. Dodger, a Jack Russell terrier, took over the game of soccer, as Barbara Craft tried leading him through it. Dodger finished the race leading her. The games were moved this year to the sometimes more hospitable weather of October. Attendance was good, and the canines were rewarded with treats and water bowls at every event.

The games are an annual event sponsored by the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Call 703-838-4774, or visit www.alexandriaanimals.org