Council Prepares for Hearing

Council Prepares for Hearing

The Town Council was scheduled to review the following agenda items at its Oct. 19 work session for the upcoming Oct. 26 public hearing and regular session.

* A resolution concerning an application the town will submit to the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) for Transportation Enhancement Program.

In the application, the town is asking for $544,000 to be directed toward the second phase of a three phase plan to improve the streets downtown as a part of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), or the Historical Herndon Revitalization Project.

The application also asks for the CTB to endorse the funding for this plan for the fiscal year 2005-2006. If the CTB endorses the resolution and approves the plan, the project application will continue a multi-year commitment, and the funds will be used for the completion of phase two-A for the town streets.

* Town Attorney Richard Kaufman's proposed ordinance to condemn a site at 864 Station Street in order for the town to be able to make the necessary storm drainage improvements in the Station-Madison Street areas.

In a memorandum sent to town staff and council on Oct. 13, Kaufman wrote to contact property owner Virginia Lippincott about purchasing the storm drainage easements for the improvements, and that she did not respond to the town's offer of $11,787.

In the memo Kaufman said the town will have to condemn the necessary storm drainage easement in order to acquire the land for the improvements. Kaufman used the Virginia state law that supports condemnation saying the "governing body shall adopt a resolution or ordinance approving the proposed public use and directing the acquisition of the property for the public use by condemnation or other means."

Mayor Michael O'Reilly said before the work session Lippincott does not mind giving the easement, but she wants to try and negotiate with the council for a waiver on another project and that is not an option.

* A staff report concerning proposed amendments to Article X of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Overlay District.

The proposed amendments will clarify language and make changes to the document based on recommendations from the Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Department.

* A seminar attended by Mayor Michael O'Reilly and Town Attorney Richard Kaufman that discussed the restructuring of a telecommunications tax by the state. O'Reilly said the main concern they have with the restructuring is how much money the town will get back from the state tax that claims the money will be sent to Richmond, pooled, and then redistributed throughout the regions.