Night of 1,000 Stories

Night of 1,000 Stories

Parents and children enjoyed music and browsed through thousands of books at Forestville Elementary

<bt>Forestville Elementary students, and their families, participated in a literacy program “Night of 1000 Stars”on Friday, Oct. 15. The program featured a performance by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, a GRAMMY winning duo from Maryland.

“It was just fantastic,” said Principal Matt Harris, “and the parents must be thanked for putting this program on.” Harris added that the school would take every opportunity it can in the future to put on entertaining programs with educational value.

Fink and Marxer won the GRAMMY for Best Musical Album for Children in 2004, with the album titled ‘Bon Apetit!’A GRAMMY is awarded to artists for artistic or technical achievement, not sales or chart positions. The duo has been performing together since 1984.

Fink and Marxer mostly play folk music, but enjoy playing for children.

“The most fun part of the job is having fun with kids,”said Fink. The students of Forestville Elementary joined in the singing, most of them wearing pajamas for the occasion. Some of the parents showed up wearing their pajamas too.

FOLLOWING THE PERFORMANCE, the students participated in a book exchange. The students, kindergarten through third grade, were allowed to take up to two books home with them. The books were categorized to make their selection easier. “We have collected around 1,000 books since the beginning of the school year,” said Robin Lundgren, a co-chair for the event. Lundgren has two children in the school.

Marxer took some time before the performance to check out the book selection in the gym. “These are great books,”she said impressed with the number of the books made available for the night. Marxer was very excited to perform for the students at the school. “When you work with kids the feedback is instant,” she said.