Not For Sale

Not For Sale

Kevin Fay, Drainesville representative with the Fairfax County Park Authority, said there are no definite plans for a plot of land next to McLean High School.

At a meeting of the McLean Citizens Association last week, Fay said he mentioned the possibility of selling the land as one of many that he’d like to discuss with the association after the start of the new year.

“We’re thinking of what can be done with the parcel of land,” Fay said. “Right now, we have no set plans and there is no imminent action dealing with that property.”

His goal is to “eliminate any surprises” that may come up with the land, approximately 10 acres, and hopes to discuss any and all possible options for the land.

“We need to determine how that land can best be utilized,” he said. “As we find with most land use issues, there are very strong feelings on both sides.”

Possible uses for the land include a park, allowing the land to be used as school property or leaving it as it currently stands, he said. More discussions will take place starting after the new year.