Abduction Charge To Grand Jury

Abduction Charge To Grand Jury

The burglary and abduction cases against Phillip David Gray are moving forward in the legal system. He's accused of allegedly forcing his way into the home of a Chantilly woman and trying to abduct her.

According to Fairfax County police, the woman, 27, was leaving her home, June 13, when Gray reportedly accosted her at her front door and pushed her back inside. Police say Gray, 30, of 7086 Shepherdstown Road in Warrenton, is a distant acquaintance of hers.

They also say he allegedly held her down and caused her minor injuries. However, she was able to persuade him to release her and take her to the hospital for medical attention. Police say he then took the woman by the arm and escorted her to the Sully Station Shopping Center where he'd parked his car.

However, as they were leaving her house, a male friend of hers approached them and noticed that something seemed amiss. The woman then signaled to her friend that she was in need of help.

When the suspect and victim arrived at the shopping center, on Westfields Boulevard in Centreville, the friend drove up and again confronted the alleged abductor. The suspect loosened his grip, and the woman ran into the Safeway grocery store, where she screamed for help.

The man chased her, but the friend drove his car in between the man and the Chantilly woman. Even so, police say Gray reportedly continued chasing her. However, when a group of people gathered to help her, the pursuer fled in his car.

Shortly afterward, say police, Gray admitted himself to Fauquier County Hospital for treatment of leg injuries sustained when he ran into the friend's car. Police say he allegedly toldĀ medical personnel there that he was run over by a car in Fairfax County.

Police at the Sully District Station then obtained warrants for his arrest, charging him with abduction and burglary with the intent to commit a felony. Last Wednesday, Sept. 1, in General District Court, Judge Lorraine Nordlund certified both charges against Gray to the next grand jury for possible indictment.