Pedestrian Path Opens in Warwick

Pedestrian Path Opens in Warwick

Six years of planning and a successful partnership between the Warwick Village Citizens Association and the city of Alexandria resulted in the opening of the Landover Pedestrian Path and Gardens on Sept. 13.

"This beautiful path is the result of PTL," said Alexandria Mayor William D. Euille. "Not PTO but PTL — perseverance, teamwork and leadership. These are the ingredients that went into this project. Just five years ago, there was trash here, a barbed wire fence and just a kind of cut-through. Now you have connectivity with economic development on Mt. Vernon Avenue. Also, the change will continue to have a positive impact on the Warwick Village neighborhood. This is a completely positive outcome."

The city provided $100,000 to grade the land and build a cement path from Landover Street to W. Glebe Road. The department of Transportation and Environmental Services built the path and installed new lights. The department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Activities installed about a third of the trees and plantings along the path and Warwick Village will install others.

This path is only one piece of the Warwick Village Neighborhood Improvement plan, which was put forth by the Citizens Association in 1999. Other improvements that have already occurred include installing wider brick pavers sidewalks along Mount Vernon and Commonwealth avenues and reconfiguring the Kennedy Street and Mount Vernon intersection from four lanes to two with the creation of a neighborhood garden. Future plans include rehabilitating medians and parks in Warwick Village and its "Green at 50" program, which focuses on the planting of nearly two dozen new trees in the neighborhood.

Warwick Village was established in 1953 and includes 650 brick townhouses. It is located in the Del Ray area of the city.

"Many of us have worked with the folks in this neighborhood for a long time and we are all very pleased to see this path open," said Vice Mayor Redella S. "Del" Pepper. "It is well-lighted and will provide a very safe and beautiful way for neighborhood residents to get to W. Glebe Road and to Mt. Vernon Avenue. The partnership is going to continue because I understand that Warwick Village is going to consider adopting the gardens here and the city will maintain the path and the plantings along it. This is a very good day for all of us."